How safe is Boris’s plan to unlock?

We have been asking the wrong questions over the last year

Today Boris Johnson, announced his “Cautious” plan to ease the country out of lockdown, it starts with all children returning to school on  March 8th as they try to convince of two things: Schools are safe and  infections are spread in the hospitality sector;

  1. the chart above shows us that infections were very low all summer; the day the pubs opened on July the 4th, we had under 700 infections, one month later (during the summer holidays) we still had under 700 infections. The schools returned on September 4th, three weeks later the daily count had increased almost ten-fold (if it’s not being spread in schools, it’s being spread by parents mingling at the gates.)
  2. Everybody has been worried about children missing out on education, but nobody is asking the right question: instead of “When will my kids go back to school?” we should be asking “how can we educate our children in a way that isn’t hazardous to the communities that we live in?” It’s been a year now and there have been no leaps on resolving this from Government, as they don’t care about your kids, they just want your children back in school so that you can go to work, it’s just a baby-sitting service as far as they are concerned.
  3. The March the 8th date also include Outdoor sporting events, just in time for the Chelenham festival (from the 16th) which was a major super-spreader event last year, they may have the same problem this time around. Not suprising as both sports and bookmaking are major frequent to Politicians.

You can question whether the government are following the science, there are arguments for these things (such as children don’t feel the effects as severely, and it’s less transmissible outdoors) but ultimately the only way to see if they are prepared to follow the science is if they are willing to roll back their timetable in the even that infections sky-rocket when schools open as they historically do.

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