Works produced by Lawrence Mallinson

Produced by Lawrence Mallinson

Lavenders Blue

Lavenders Blue was directed by Saranne Bensusan and stars Stine Olsen and Natalie Sloth Richter

Ménage du Trois

Ménage du Trois was directed by Saranne Bensusan and Starred Louise Rhian Poole and Mark Preston

 The Hunting of the Snark

 (based on Lewis Carroll’s last poem)

The Hunting of the Snark is a stop-motion animated feature written and directed by Saranne Bensusan which is based on Lewis Carroll’s last poem of the same name

For cast and Crew information, visit the IMDB.

to watch the movie


Mano a Mono


directed by Saranne Bensusan for From the 3rd Story Productions ltd.

Mano a Mono is a short written and produced by Saranne Bensusan & Lawrence Mallinson, which Saranne Bensusan directed.

The film has been selected for numerous festival as well as garnering awards and nominations including some its leading actors, see a selection on the film’s page here

See a complete list of cast and crew for Mano a Mono on the IMDB


Nicola’s Shedim

directed by Lawrence Mallinson

Nicola’s Shedim is a micro-short, which was produced and directed Lawrence Mallinson, whilst Saranne Bensusan produced, shot, edited and provided the screenplay

See some of the festival selections for this film on its page on the From the 3rd Story Productions website




Speak out on Hate Crime


The Action Group

Over the years, Lawrence has produced several short documentaries for the Action Group, a self-advocacy group for adults with learning disabilities based in West Sussex, Lawrence also shot and edited this documentary.


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